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Seat Belt Reminder from Priors


Considering the recent school bus accident in Victoria this, it is timely for us to be reminding all students how important it is to always wear their seatbelts when the school bus is moving.

As a lot of you may be aware, in the past two years, two of Prior's school buses have been involved in head on accidents that were not the bus driver's fault. Thankfully there were no serious injuries as there were not many students on either bus at the time, however this could have been a very different story if they were fully loaded buses and students were not wearing seatbelts.

Under the 'Guidelines for Managing School Student Misbehaviour on Buses', published July 2019 by Transport for NSW, failing to wear the seat belt properly adjusted and fastened, if one is available, is unacceptable behaviour. Any student reported to not be wearing their seatbelt, will be warned once with a misconduct notice, a second and subsequent incident of this will result in the student being suspended from free school travel for up to two weeks.

We can all work together to educate students on appropriate behaviour on the school bus to make the journey to and from school more pleasant and safer for everyone.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's bus travel, please contact Priors on (02) 4472 4040

Kath Karlsson
Operations manager