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David Caesar

David Caesar is well known as an Australian film writer/director. He started off at Moruya High School where he found his passion for filming in animation classes. You may have seen some of his iconic Australian movies such as Dirty Deeds, Mullet, Idiot Box, Greenkeeping as well as many other great films he has been involved in.

David grew up on his grandparents’ dairy farm at Turlinjah. Whilst there he attended Moruya High School where he started making his first films in animation. After graduating from Moruya High, he went to the USA on a student exchange program. When he returned home, David moved to Sydney where he started off in the film industry by hanging around sets making coffee.

David graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and then started making first class films as a writer and director. His various films have won him a showcase of film awards including Best Film at the Sydney Film Festival, Best Documentary at the Melbourne Film Festival, an Atom award, the Rouben Mamoullion award and the Centenary Medal for contributions to documentary script writing. David has worked with many famous actors and actresses such as Toni Collette, Sam Neil, Bryan Brown and many more. 

Look out for David’s upcoming films and television episodes as he continues making his name in the film industry.


Josh Cunningham

You may recognise Joshua Cunningham as singer-songwriter and guitarist from Australian band The Waifs, but interestingly enough he actually attended Moruya High. He started out at Moruya high in 1985 and went through to 1991. Josh says that the highlight of High School was, “The bonds of friendship were really special for me throughout high school, and the shared experience of going through those years together formed memories and that will endure for the rest of my life. I would have to say that people were the highlight of my time at Moruya High School.”  He also said that this favourite thing about being at Moruya high was the sense of freedom and the beauty that surrounds the school. Many people aren’t lucky enough to experience the open space that a small coastal town has to offer.

Josh’s earliest ambition was to be a journalist. He then thought that nursing would be good. And after that his ambition was to do something in economics. Finally josh discovered that he wanted to be a guitarist. The highlight of josh’s year has been getting accepted to study theology in California. He had always wanted to do formal study but never had the time once he had joined the band.

Josh says it is no surprise that he became an “artist” because  he always liked making things and being creative. Josh first expressed his musical creativity at age thirteen when he began playing guitar. Twenty-Two years have passed and Josh has flourished into an experienced and talented musician. Josh also played ukulele for about a year when he was seven before giving it up until recently when he began playing again.


Trychelle Kingdom

Trychelle Kingdom, a previous Moruya High student, has gone on to become a first class athlete. She has represented Australia in the IAAF World Junior Championships in Poland in 2008 where she came 7th in the women’s 800m finals and 3rd in the 4x400m relay, winning an IAAF Bronze Medal. She is hoping to represent Australia in the 2010 Commonwealth Games being held in India and hopefully she will make an appearance in upcoming Olympics.

Trychelle has also been an ambassador for the Youth Olympics last year and competed at a national level for Touch Football.

In 2008 Trychelle was plagued with physical problems due to growth. This year she is making her way back into the competitive athletics world. Trychelle has been inspired by her supportive family, and great sporting heroes such as Lance Armstrong and she always strives to achieve her personal best. Her fastest time for the 800m is 2:05:36 which she achieved in Sydney last year.

Brooklyn Hulands

Brooklyn Hulands is an ex Moruya High student who has gone on to become an extremely successful radio presenter.

He started at Moruya High in Year 8 in 2001 and went through to Year 12.

He was a major contributor to the development of the Media Group and the school radio show which was originally called ‘The Friday Lunch Box’. Brooklyn also revamped the design of the newsletter and wrote some very interesting articles.

These days Brooklyn has gone on to work in commercial radio and you may hear him if you are ever in Canberra reading news on MIX 106.3 or 104.7 He has worked with people such as Hamish Blake  and Andy Lee.

He says, “The hardest thing about my job is that when things happen that affect people I care about, it’s really hard to read it out.” He also said, “People that are interested in radio have to get out there and see their local station and have a go.”

Brooklyn recently won ‘The Best Documentary Award’ for his documentary called ‘The Killer Highway’. In this he used shocking stories to explain the bad state of the Princes Highway. He interviewed relatives of someone that was killed in a road traffic incident.

Brooklyn has gone far in his four years out in the real world. We are sure he will go much further.


Brendan Jones

With a resume that would turn most professional golfers green with envy, Brendan Jones is one of Australia's most successful golf exports in recent times. The Japan Golf Tour does not attract the same media coverage as the US PGA Tour, but that doesn't mean Brendan is any less successful.

Brendan grew up in Tuross Head, attending school in Moruya. He still has ties to the school as his mother has only just retired as a head teacher here.

Hopefully Brendan will continue to improve and he may just be a contender for a major championship this year. If not, his Japanese victories have ensured a loyal following both in Moruya and overseas.


Bill Woods

You may recognise his face from the Channel Ten news but Bill Woods started and completed all his schooling in Moruya. He started year seven as a small fish in a big pond. Bill's memories of Moruya High mainly revolve around sport with inter-school visits being the biggest highlight. He was also on the debating team.

He finished Year 12 placed second in the year group, which left the door wide open for him. He went on to study a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. He then started to work for Channel Ten in 1989 as a sports-news reporter before working his way up to the news desk. He now also does special events such as the Beaconsfield mining accident.

The highlight of the year for Bill was hosting Channel Ten's coverage for the Rugby World Cup in Paris and visiting the Villers Bretonneux War Memorial.

In 2008 Bill Woods has a few "secret plans" and also hopes to settle down and write his first fiction novel.