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Student Software

Students at Moruya High School will often require the use of specialised software in some of their courses. As a policy, we prefer to use free, open source, and multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) software along with industry standard software which the students are able to access for free (often through DoE agreements).

We actively discourage the use of software which use vendor lock-in/data lock-in tactics, abuse software patents, use material without permission to train generative AI, or other unethical practices.

Below is an incomplete list of software found on computers at Moruya High School which can be downloaded for home use. Students also have access to Microsoft Office 365 from home using their education login.

Software Link Description
Audacity Audio recording and editing
Ardour Digital Audio Workstation and music production
Blender 2D & 3D animation along with video editing and compositing
InkScape Vector image cration and editing
Krita Digital painting and 2D animation
Gimp Photo and image manipulation
Irfanview Image viewer and batch conversion
VLC Video player and converter
Scribus Desktop Publishing
7-Zip Compression/decompression of files
Python Programming language and basic tools
Notepad++ Text editing and syntax highlighting
Godot 2D/3D cross-platform game engine
Ardour Digital audio workstation for recording and mixing audio and music
DJV Image sequence playback
FreeCAD Parametric 3D modeller
GDevelop 2D/3D game creation application
Irfanview Image/video viewer
Libre Office Office suite including word processing, presentation, spreadsheet etc
LMMS Music production
MuseScore Music notation
OBS Studio Video recording and live streaming
Shotcut Video editing
Tracker Physics video analysis